Thursday, September 23, 2004


Rainy, stormy horribleness. I am having a bad day today, emotionally and physically. I have aches in my jaw and bones, my head is pounding and I am shivering inside. I am in the middle of a mammoth binge read THE K-PAX TRILOGY and my eyes are aching all the time, I just want to sleep. K-PAX is a very enjoyable set of books and a good film, too starring Kevin Spacey and (ironically)that guy out of Starman (another film I loved). I don't know what this virus is, if virus it is. I had a snivel just yesterday. Now...

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Malachim said...

Hi Mike!

Hey stranger, been a while. Hope everythings OK.

Don't let the b's get you down, eh.

Added your blog to the Authors page below your Hertzan Chimera link

~ Paul (Nordic)