Saturday, September 11, 2004


Well, it's not that I've injured myself playing American football... at 38 years of age, I'm not that stupid. But I was on the park with a gang of drunken ex-work colleagues one lovely day in Cambridge (4 weeks ago). The sun was out. The t-shirts were off (not a pretty sight). The American football was sailing through the air beautifully, 50, 60 yards, I've always had a good javelin arm. An hour or so of blissful buffoonery passed until I must have caught the ball funny as it plummeted in from altitude. The middle finger of my left hand felt funny, swelled up like a balloon and that was the end of it. I thought, wait for the swelling to go down, relax. It don't really hurt that bad. Well one month later (this morning) I took the still swollen and droopy fingertip to the doctors and after a very short spell in A&E, they showed me this:

fake x-ray image

Now, I have a comedy plastic splint on my finger to try and help the ligament rejoin the fingertip while I wait for my Friday appointment at the hospital where I may need hand surgery. Bastard.

This entry was originally uploaded on Wednesday September 8th and now here's the Friday 10th update: just back from the hand clinic. 2PM appointment arranged, finally got to see a specialist at 3:20PM. It turns out the ligament didn't rip from the bone when I caught the ball wrong; the bottom ligament is attached to the main fingertip; the top ligament is attached to the broken off chunk. After a couple of days in a corrective splint there are already signs of bone growth. I've gotta go back next Friday to see if the bone is just gonna stubbornly heal itself.

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