Saturday, October 30, 2004


Many of you out there haven't got it yet. Car companies have you trapped. They are ripping you off.

I did the basic math about 4 years ago. I discovered that I was wasting about £300.00 minimum on my car, every month. This was a machine that would rust in front of my house all night. I would drive it a couple miles to work where it would rust outside my work. Then I would drive it home where it would continue to rust.

In England, at least, we have a half-decent bus and train service (though it could be much better in some rural locations). I actually don't NEED a car. I cycle the couple of miles to work. The exercise really does me good. I can buy a new bike for £80 every four months if I need. I actually get £200.00 to live closer to work, so I cut my losses. The extra £100.00 every month I can spend on whatever we wanna do as a family.

The challenge here is I will announce as my official literary sponsor any car company who offers me a car, fully insured and with a petrol and servicing budget for the first three years. In the television-and-radio ad campaigns I will gladly announce things like, " helps me to write even more fucked-up stories than Hertzan Chimera ever did."

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