Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Who the fuck do these people think they are? I was looking for supposedly-PROFESSIONAL markets for some stories and came across a listing for THE EDGE magazine on Ralan's Market Listing site. Dave Clark is the editor of this London based print magazine. Their promise of £50.00 per 1,000 words really excited me, so I thought I'd send them along a submission. This was way back in 2002 or something when I was still writing as Hertzan Chimera.

Dave Clark wrote back and said, "Ah, yes, Hertzan Chimera, I've heard about you - I will not be accepting any of your stuff for The Edge." That was it, no further explanation just a simple blacklisting.

Well, it's two years later, now I'm writing all my new stuff as Mike Philbin and the style is far more readable (purposefully) - less manic, less insane, more controlled. I submit a new story to Dave Clark and wait. And wait... On Ralan's Market Listing it says THE EDGE have a Response Time of 3 weeks MAX. After two months, I email Dave Clark and ask how it's going, whether he got my story, whether The Edge is still going....

Dave's response this morning was, "There is no news - you're still blacklisted, and submissions from you won't be considered. Dave."

This is not the 1950's! This is publishing not McCarthy-ism. I have no idea who Dave Clark is or what I might have done to be awarded my BLACKLISTED badge but I guess that's how blacklisting works; in secret backrooms of hate. Well, no more. I am going public with this. I am sick of prejudice, hearsay and gossip.

November 11th update: seems I wasn't the only one Dave Clark pissed off as Ralan has just DELETED The Edge's market listing from his site. Good for him. :)


Lee Pletzers said...

I wonder also, why you were blacklisted?

Mike Philbin said...

The only thing I can figure is I sent a submission to them in error. I quickly told them I had sent it somewhere else the same day. This got me on a blacklist, from what I can glean from Dave Clark this happened years back with an editor named Graham.


Apparently the THE EDGE black list is fairly substantial so I wasn't the only one singled out for their loving treatment. Nice.