Saturday, January 22, 2005


I'm sat there watching channel 4 tonight and some televangelist for the yobbo culture Peter Osborne is whining, "why do they give me a ticket for parking on a double yellow line? why do they give me a fine if I drive faster than the speed limit? why do street wardens fine me on the spot just 'cause I'm dropping litter in the street?"

Well, those are the fucking laws of our land.

It's like, "Why can't I play my new BLAUPUNKT stereo on number 11 at three o'clock in the morning? why do I have to be a good neighbour?" Why why whine? It's like the bloke who saw me on the bus (he was with his yobbo mates) and he goes, hey there's that bloke who got you kicked out of your flat. I went, no YOU got you kicked out of your flat. Loud music polluter. He'd might as well have shat in my bed all night. Same thing.

Personally, I am so sick of those lazy bastards who take their kids to my daughter's school in their cars, driving up a cul-de-sac (which serves a doctor's surgery) and causing blockages and traffic problems on the servicing high street in my town when there is ample FREE PARKING on the car parks just across the road (they would have to walk their kids 1 minute to school). ONE MINUTE.

I set out from my house ten minutes earlier to walk my daughter to school, they can't even get out of their fucking cars. ANGER does not cover my feelings.

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