Thursday, January 20, 2005


With the PK Dick screenplay well into the final furlongs, I delivered my daughter to her school this morning; a refreshing walk in the frosty air. On the way down the hill, we'd spotted a Kestrel perched on a garage roof. A beautiful, proud silhouette: straight back, that curved beak. On the way back up, the birdsong caught my ear. I've always wondered what sort of language birdsong was but I'm not so sure it is a language.

In the same way that birds fluff out their plummage and make pretty nests to woo their future mates, maybe birdsong is nothing more than pretty arias of attraction between the sexes. Communication of a sort, but not language, as I had always thought. Well, it better not be a language or that's gonna give humanity a real fucking shock when we crack the code.

What sort of belief system would such an old race as the birds hold? What sort of insightinto how the world works? What opinion of humans, if anything?

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