Monday, January 31, 2005


In looking at the Natural World for instances of 'rape' we find it all the time: sqirrels chasing mates up a tree; mass rape of the queen bee as she exits a hole in the ground; elk or moose getting as many partners' sperm as she can when in season.

What humans would consider to be 'rape' - ie the forced sexual demands of a man (generally) upon a woman (generally) - may in fact be a misplaced socio-chemical by-product.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning rape. It is a wicked and amoral practise - in our society. Elsewhere in Nature, rape (non-concensual intercourse) is rife and accepted part of sexual maturity. But there's a social structure that supports as that is now lacking in the human model.

There's evidence that the struggling reflex in rape victims is actually another mechanism to select the strongest partner, as is the flee mechanism for squirrels, or the rutting of males - it's all about having children who's father was the strongest, fastest, had the most stamina (all good survival traits).

I wondered whether there was a correlation between modern human rape and these ancient biological partner choices. I wondered whether a woman is more likely to be raped at a certain time in her menstrual cycle. In this Natural History context a female is most likely to be 'raped' when she is 'in season'. I wondered can this be applied to the time when women are likely to be raped?

Estrogen levels are high when a woman is ready to fertilise one of her eggs. Her whole body changes to show the male of the species that she is ready (and willing) to have her eggs fertilised. She shows physical and chemical signs of her readiness. In Nature, it's not a case of NOT WANTING TO BE RAPED - it's merely a case of that's the way Nature propagates the species and the most important choice is to choose a Darwinistically relevant partner, the so-called "strongest choice".

In human culture 'personal choice' ie not wanting to bear children, gets in the way of this natural attract mechanism - we give it the name RAPE. Maybe men are still 'sensitive' to the pheromones shuffling off an in-season woman? Maybe there are some other attract factors of a woman in-season? Either way, I can't find data that supports this fertile-rape-time theory yet because I haven't really started looking. But I did find this:

There's a paper on the 'net I found called WHY MEN RAPE - it's informative, controversial and enlightening.

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