Thursday, January 13, 2005


I was recently honoured to receive a request to reprint one of my old Hertzan Chimera stories in a forthcoming paperback anthology. We agreed on a story and the deal was done. The editor said the reason he wanted an Hertzan Chimera piece as he thought that H.C.'s work was all about fun. That, I think, is the greatest compliment a writer could receive. I decided to look back long and hard at the old Hertzan Chimera self-publicity and self-parody and of all the pieces, I thought this bit of blatant neo-marketing was the most fun stunt I'd like to be remembered for.


In other Dick news, I have been spending my last few days writing a Philip K Dick screenplay based on one of his earlier novels. Yeah, there have been MANY terrible Dick movies. Maybe they forgot to let the words speak from themselves. One thing that really struck me, with the writing of this screenplay and with the reading of A Scanner Darkly, is that Dick is one hell of a dialoguist. It's all over his work. You can transcribe DIRECT from the page to the screen. Don't try to alter it or update it to modern vernacular. Dick's universe is like a costume drama; William Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen... you've really just gotta find the correct setting and let it flow.

Writing a Dick screenplay is great fun because Dick was clearly the maddest man writing - so far ahead of his time.

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