Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Well, I know any book review is nothing more than someone's subjective opinion but here's a review that appears in the Ilford Recorder about the REDBRIDGE REVIEW'S new anthology...

Edited By Rotimi Ogunjobi
156 pp. $14.95 (£8.99)
Paperback 6"x9"
ISBN 1-4116-2346-0
Tee Publishing, 2892 Briar Ct, Tallahassee FL 32308

There are at least as many ways of literary expression as there are writers. This is the allure of reading anthologies. It is never a boring experience. The title of this new book is both apt and suggestive. THE PERSISTENCE OF DREAMS is the first of the themed anthologies based on works and authors previously published in the online magazine, THE REDBRIDGE REVIEW (

The book opens to an essay by Aberjhani, which chronicled the art and life of African-American artist Luther E. Vann. Aberjhani who is quickly achieving an impressive reputation as biographer of African-American heroes, is probably best known for his magnificent work on the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE HARLEM RENNAISANCE, which is a classic. This work is followed by a chilling narrative, by Mike Philbin, who is better known as Hertzan Chimera, and an icon in the surrealist fiction circles. This story titled A MEMORY MADE FLESH, appears to be an apocalyptic account of the day after the world ended; as most often Chimera eludes.

The in-depth review continues for a few more paragraphs... An icon in surrealist circles, eh? First I've heard of it. Is there something you guys aren't telling me?



Anonymous said...

It does sound impressive until you realise that surrealist circles are, in fact, shaped like fish on springs. Being considered an icon in fish on springs is not quite as complimentary.

Mike Philbin said...

Ha! yes. you've suddenly reminded me of that Guinness advert where the fishis riding the bike.