Saturday, March 19, 2005


What's on your mind this time?


You know there are viruses that eat away at your data? What about viruses that eat away at the silicon surface of your computer. I was wondering what would happen (in fact this is a topic I examined in my 2001 book Szmonhfu - but here it's an alien race who nullify the silicon infestation of planet earth from afar before their invasion).

I was thinking, what if it actually happened though. What if a virus destroyed all silicon computers? I know we could say "Well, we'd use light and glass computers" but there have been efforts made for the last ten years to perfect the light-gate computer to no avail. Maybe we could resussitate the old mechanical Babbage machines or something.

But what if none of that worked, let's see. What would a world without technology be like? I am thinking along these lines now because there were reports that there are more and more millionaires now than there ever was, especially now that China is becoming a big global player. And common sense dictates that this cannot continue.

At some point the structures that support the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer will collapse. A proper worldwide revolution will be in full flow. And BIG QUESTIONS like "What is man's role on this rock?" will become more important than they've ever been. I'm not talking about 'faith' and other esoteric nonsense like that. I'm talking about community. I'm talking about the good of everyone helped by the skills of the many. Am I talking about Neo Communism? Dunno....

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