Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Cyber Pulp books of Houston now has a fabulous list of blurbs to plaster all over the back of THE LIFE AND DEATH OF HERTZAN CHIMERA book - as a mock-obituary for the passing of one the the craziest moments of my life...

"Hertzan Chimera is destined for great fame -- solid gold planes and caviar squeezed from endangered fish. Know him! Embrace him! And ultimately -- worship him!" -- Mark McLaughlin, author of GOSSAMER EYE and MOTIVATIONAL SKRIEKER.

"Hertzan Chimera is both monster rant and taboo heat. His primal work clutches me in both G-spot and brain--and everywhere else in between." --Charlee Jacob, author of THIS SYMBIOTIC FASCINATION and HAUNTER.

"When I say that Hertzan Chimera's writings make me want to throw up, I mean that only in a good way. He's a major contender in the gross-out arena; his work is a hallmark of creative outrage." --Edward Lee, author of CITY INFERNAL and MONSTROSITY.

"Hertzan Chimera is the Henry Miller of Our Time. He has remortgaged the Horror/SF ghetto, replacing it with a Garrethouse of the Psycho-Erotic on the Left Bank of the Seine." --MF Korn, author of RACHMANINOFF'S GHOST and CONFESSIONS OF A GHOUL.

"As a longtime fan of the outre and fiction of the abject, I can say that very little of what I read anymore shocks, revolts, scares, or disturbs me. But Hertzan Chimera manages to do it every time. " --Michael A. Arnzen, Bram Stoker Award winning author of GRAVE MARKINGS and FREAKCIDENTS.

"Chimera's conflagrations raze cities of the human mind while his sickly dogs twitch in the burning bones of entropy." --James Havoc, author of RAISM and SATANSKIN.

...and more are pouring in as we speak.

Personally, I would have allowed a rather negative critique from another horror writer into the obituary pit (since Hertzan did ruffle a few feathers in his 15 year reign) but a petty threat of legal action from said writer and a wish from my publisher not to get drawn into a worthless court case means it'll be a positive back cover appraisal that will great the publication of the book.

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