Thursday, April 21, 2005


No, I'm serious - right? Apparently, that's what a gaggle of populist/pulitzer prize winning authors have all petitioned the ever-swelling ever-shrinking lady of daytime TV.

It would appear (back in 2002) when Oprah no longer featured book recommendations on her show, the entire face of American publishing changed for the worst.

Well, welcome to the fucking club, boys and girls of the pen. Maybe now you can all aim for the historical classic rather than the vacuous, jaded shelf-emptier. What's the point of ten million buyers who don't give a shit about anything you write just buying your book because Oprah recommends it? These are the same people who think that buying Nikes, shoving Big Macs and Pepsi/Coke down their necks will help them achieve some higher purpose in life. Sheep, nothing more. Pack followers forever transient in their heroes.

Yeah, we could all do with the cash, but there's a higher purpose to the act of writing ... isn't there?

Help me, Oprah - for all those who care to read. Right.

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