Monday, April 18, 2005


Sorry if I've neglected you for the last few days, reader. I've been writing like a demon - my own shit this time. RED HEDZ was a book I wrote back through the late eighties (published by Creation Press of London in 1989). For those of you who haven't read the book or were unable to find a copy (this book rarely appears on the market) it's a contemporary story of a struggling artist who falls in love with a girl who seems to have supernatural powers. I did initially do a text version of a screenplay way back when but never did anything with it.

So, last week I thought 'fuck it, I'm gonna revamp RED HEDZ for the year 2005 and see who it scares'. I reformatted the whole text version into industry-standard Cinergy format. Rewrot the start, tidied up a couple of areas, amalgamated a couple of characters and scenes into their own self contained narrative thread, made the entire project flow together better. Made the screenplay snappier, less ponderous - but no less morose, morbid, weird, twisted or sexy. In fact I tried to make it less crude and MORE sexy.

It's with an agent right now (the one that got my PKD screenplay under the nose of an interested Hollywood producer) and it's gonna be interesting to see the reaction.

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