Monday, August 01, 2005


I spoke to Bob Gunner who runs Cyber Pulp Books on the phone to Houston TX last night and told him to focus on the galley for Chimeraworld #2 (which I should receive within the week, his words) as I'd decided to totally rewrite The Life And Death of Hertzan Chimera.

Yeah, how can you rewrite a life that's already happened?

Well, you can. It's all about 'style' of content and 'format' of presentation. But unfortunately, I can't do this on a 'global' one-or-two-button-clicks level, I have really get my hands dirty for it to work. I've been hammering at the keyboard for three days solid and it's finished. My arms, my neck, my eyes all ache but it'll be worth it when you see the result. It means that its release gets pushed back again but thirty eight years in the writing, what's another couple weeks/months?

Both books should have been released in June but Bob has been having a tough old time of it recently so I'm willing to let the ball roll on this. Cyber Pulp Books is committed to publishing both these titles so, fear not, they will arrive. What's that ironic Asian proverb I always wheel out on occassions such as these? Nothing of any value ever comes easy. Sounds like my life.

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tamarin said...

don't you watch horror movies?????

your alter ego Hertzan Chimera will manifest itself into some type of killer and stalk you and killl you like in stephen kings the dark half.
hell come back with a hatchet and cut off your feet unless you perform some ceremony involving animal sacrifice.