Monday, October 24, 2005


I noticed in July that the hit count for Mike Philbin Online was steadily starting to rise. From an average of around 50 hits per day, it confidently rose to 100+ hits per day all through August-September flirting with 200 hits per day all through the first three weeks of October. Today, I find to my delight that the hit counter exceeded 300 HITS PER DAY barrier with an ego-rubbing 310 hits. Let's see if we can get to the magic 400 hits per day by end October. Or maybe (at this rate) 500 hits per day is not unfeasible.

I'd like to thank the regular visitors to this blog (and to Mike Philbin Online) and all the new-comers to my world of Bizarro creativity. Have fun, I certainly am. Oh, and buy more Chimericana Books, if you would - they make wicked Halloween and Xmas presents. Hint, hint.


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