Friday, February 10, 2006


...the latest part of my theory of the reversal of contemporary physics (part one rattled on about 'light going backwards') involved matter as a gravity shield.

It was a full moon last night (no, I didn't turn into a werewolf) and I was lying there with the strong moonlight tearing through my tissue-paper-thin curtains and I got to thinking aobut high and low tides.

Traditionally, matter contains a gravity particle. The moon is made of matter and the oceans are made of matter and there's mutual attraction at high tide.... blah blah bollocks!

Ain't it obvious what's really going on? There's a STRUCTURE that's missing from the calcs. It's a real big thing. And contemporary cosmologists are overlooking it to their detriment.

The universe, the galaxies, the stars and planets, all live in pre-fabricated gravity wells. That's why the matter (the sub-atomic particles) live where they do. They can't live anywhere else. So, this structure of attraction draws in the planets to the sun to the milky way to the universe. It's that big.

When the moon goes in front of the Earth (at night when there's a high tide, for example) the matter of the moon is shielding this universal vector (the fall-in direction of that built-in structure), allowing the water to rise up higher.


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