Friday, April 28, 2006


I'm such a kid for great graphics and kooky names, so the proper title for the Nintendo (revolution) console, the competitor to the PS3 and XBOX360, Wii and the presentation of this video is just crackin'

I really like the way Nintendo is positioning this console away from the driving, shooting, fighting realm towards more creative games (actually it's not, really) that use the 'wand' controller for tennis games and sword fighting games and fishing games and maybe conducting an orchestra and flapping a swan's wings and well, the floppy-dicked adult potential is just a hoot, too! Wonder if they'll ever ... no ... maybe in Japan where games like BATTLE RAPER 2 (which implies a prequel) are openly published on PSP format.

"We just wanted something that would be very easy to remember, that would work in every market, and certainly something that sets us apart from the competition," Nintendo spokeswoman Beth Llewelyn said. "I'm sure when people heard Google for the first time, they were like, 'What does that mean?' "

The dual "i" is intended to suggest Wii's game controller, a tall, thin white unit reminiscent of a television remote control. Used with one hand, the controller is motion-sensitive: Players will swing the remote to simulate play in a golf or tennis game, or dunk it when playing a fishing game.

watch this intro movie for the NINTENDO Wii

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