Friday, November 10, 2006


Chimericana Books have just released the 'lost' Hertzan Chimera novels Twilight's Last Gleaming and The Hoo-Hoo Are Coming in 6 inch by 9 inch trade paperback for $14.99 each. That's all well and good but what about books since then, Philbin?

Well, there's that (ex-Hellbound Books and as yet still homeless) YôROPPA novel, there's the (still not totally finished) PLANET OF THE OWLS split-narrative short novel. I did finish that VIEW FROM A STOLEN WINDOW surrealist novella and that's with a prestigious publisher right now, languishing in some sluch pile, I imagine.

Big News is that (for the first time since the death of Hertzan Chimera two years hence) I'm about to start on a brand new novel that's unlike anything I've ever written. The tentative title is THE STALKER'S GUIDE TO... and I don't wanna give too much away but my blog-buddy Chad will know what it's about if I say Guardian Angel or Watcher. Think travel guide, think... I've already said too much.

Due to be finished some time in the future, I guess....


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