Sunday, January 14, 2007

ST GILES ORCHESTRA - Delius, Kalinnikov and Elgar:

Well, yours truly is 41 years old today and last night, Mrs P treated us to a cultural soirée listening to the St Giles Orchestra at the St Andrews' Church, Linton Road, Oxford. The SGO play a varied set and pieces/arrangements that are not normally performed. The programme consisted of DELIUS (Life's Dance), KALINNIKOV (The Cedar and the Palm) and Elgar (Enigma Variations).

Cancelled due to the mid-week injury of the violinist was the Brahms double concerto. The conductor and orchestral director (Geoffrey Bushell) conducted one of his own pastoral scores to make up for the missing Brahms.

There are up to 80 players in the orchestra but last night (as there was no choral element) there were about 40, 50. It was a lovely evening and we're going again in April for Mrs P's birthday.


Nudiemuse said...

Happy late birthday :)

kek-w said...

Yeah, ditto that!