Friday, May 04, 2007

Novelspot interviews Mike Philbin: most prestigious author interview to date. Novelspot Talks To... Mike Philbin. At the reins, Ilona Hegedus - I like this bit:

Ilona: What are your main influences as an author?

Mike: Writers are like training shoes. They're all made in the same factory in India. Same glue. Same thread. Same patterns. Why do we spend more of our time reading one writer than another? Marketing, pure and simple. We are told what to read by those who (currently) have control of the mass media. It is a real (not imagined) conspiracy against creative freedom. As a creative writer I am influenced by the apathy of the world, my influences come at me from all angles like arrows.


AS PROMISED IN APRIL: Novelspot's companion interview about Chimericana Books has just gone online right now! Here's the customary quote:

Quality, style, interpretation, unique narrative vision or subversive tracts wilt in the flames of insignificance. Whatever that means.


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