Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Mijn Schatje

Mijn Schatje is an artist who excels in decorative innocence and soft surrealism. I asked Mijn about her art/motivation and here's what she had to say.

"Storytelling" is the name of my solo show at the KochXBos gallery, Amsterdam, from March the 14th to April the 14th 2009.

Human History shows that there have always been stories, legends, tales, even at the times when most of the people couldn't read, they would learn stories by heart and tell them to their children and their children would tell them to their children and so on...

When I was a young child my parents would tell me stories or read me a book before I went to sleep. I remember how I loved it, sometimes it was very dreamy and sometimes a bit scary, but it always made me travel to some exciting new worlds just by feeding my imagination. I believe this is how my creativity was born, and I still believe that even the grown ups need somebody to tell them a story.

"Storytelling" is the action of expressing and sharing one's imagination (and hope) with the world.

July update: to those who still (three months after I originally posted this entry) STILL wanna whine and complain about the doll source material Mijn Shatje uses to create her wonderful images, read some history. Read how ALL ARTISTs since the dawning of time have used source material in their creations. Banksy and Francis Bacon are two profligate 'borrowers' of such that spring to mind. Hey, if you look back far enough in history, you'll even find Caravaggio and Vermeer were CHEATING their patrons by using photography to draw around.

Basically, don't complain to me why I like the work of Mijn Shatje. I know why I like her stuff. The basic suggestion of this update to those gangs of Clockwork Orange thugs who go round trying to destroy anything that's good is look away from your idiot Facebook list and your gormless Twitterers and LEARN some history. Learn, get educated, not bleat like sheep.

I'll leave it to art superstar PABLO PICASSO to reveal the truth about artistic inspiration, "Bad artists copy. Good artists steal." L.O.L.

Leave Mijn Shatje alone and get on with your lives.

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