Thursday, July 03, 2008

iPod Chimera 2010

well, as inventor of the similarly-named subversive writing persona Hertzan Chimera, I just HAD TO post a blog about the forthcoming iPod Chimera in 2010, didn't I?

Sexy, innit?

The iPod Chimera for 2010 comes standard with 500gig or 1TB of memory. It's made of Titanium and scratch/smear resistant touch screen display. It runs on OS-mmX, Bluetooth V4. Wi-Fi/WiMax, Hi-Def screen resolution of 1280x720, works vertically or horizontally. Wireless stereo earphones supplied by Shure. USB4 connectors with auto-locking mechanism. Options: 4GSM iPhone, Two-way iSight, GPS for navigation, weather, emergency beacon, Sirius Radio/Video, GamePod, HD receiver for off-air HDTV or radio.

Kill yourselves. If nobody got this, it's a reference to the Bill Hicks sketch, "Is there anybody here in Advertising or Marketing? Kill yourelves. No joke."


MariAdkins said...

So if I bat my eyelashes and look pretty, will you get me one? :D

Mike Philbin said...

if only it were that simple, eh?

that iPodChimera's got nearly as much resolution/power as my sexy-new SonyVaio.

how time flies

MariAdkins said...

Indeed! 'Twould be nice if 'twere so simple! :D That's one fancy gadget. I keep saying, "Star Trek, man. Star Trek."

Anonymous said...

All very nice and everything but i don't believe a word of it

Anonymous said...

I really don't believe you at all

Mike Philbin said...


I'm sick of Anonymous fucking posters who don't fucking like these posts. If you don't like this blog, fuck off. I really don't fucking care.

nafis afsar said...

how much will it be and what is a game pod

if u no email me thnx

Mike Philbin said...


there's a distinct possibility that this is a FAKE product.