Friday, September 19, 2008

HC Unit - sexual chemistry, leaders and social relationships

I've done several blog entries about my 'invented physics mindtoy' the Hertzan Chimera Unit over the last ten years or so. Only recently, have I been struck by a glaringly obvious aspect to the HC Unit Schematic. Its underlying quantum structure (below) of clockwise and anti-clockwise turbulent interference with 'the gravitational structure of the universe (aka Universal Equilibrium)' allows for a very interesting sexual chemistry, leaders and social relationships angle.

You'll notice that the HC Unit doesn't have to physically exist IN the dimensions of the positive/negative turbulence, it's just an implied aspect of the schematic I'd never fully examined. The HC Unit, though it gives off measurable quantum spin (the way quarks show themselves) in our bodies, as our atoms, could exist anywhere in the universe at any time.

Here's why it's more elaborate than that contemporary proton pairs. Nature favours male and female, yin and yang, opposites attract. Should it be any different in quantum physics than it is in our social relationships? Empathy might be described as 'two people sharing HC Units in opposing phases'. We may be physically connected by the electromagnetic spin of either side of our HC Units. We momentarily share atoms.

This may be why people favour one sexual partner over another.
This may be why great leaders attract huge followings.
This may be why we should all respect and love each other more.

We are not only the same physical stuff, we're connected (by the opposing aspects of our physical stuff) to the things that drive our passions, physically sharing the same tether.

The next step would be to 'control' or otherwise modulate that synergy. Or maybe the great HC Unit Synergists already have the ability to do so.

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