Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hertzan Chimera Unit - Black Universe & Electrostatic Bang

Additionally, more of a note for myself rather than a comprehensive and researched moment in the atoms debate, only the turbulence of clockwise or counter clockwise (electromagnetic) excess (or spin) can allow Universal Equilibrium fall back in.

Effectively, in a non-excited universe, there'd be no light. That's why it's called a Black Universe. I believe, from the invented evidence on my Hertzan Chimera Unit atomic model, that the Big Bang didn't generate all the atoms and compounds of the universe, they already existed in protzoic HC1 form. Only the excess (don't ask me what sparked it off, you can't even ask a Big Bang theorist what started his universe off) i.e. the first electromagnetically charged quark, caused an Electrostatic Bang.

That's what we're seeing in background radiation, not the creation of all matter and dimensions, but merely the remnant of that first fizzle of univerese-traversing em radiation. And remember, because I have the HC units acting simultaneously across the universe in pairs, it would have been a generally uniform blast, hence the general (lumpy) uniformity of the background radiation signature.

I think science needs to come up with another reason for red-shift, other than the recession of the further stars at near-light speed -- because that is just a load of ill-logic.

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