Wednesday, October 15, 2008

structural anarchy is mankind's salvation

This thought, "Should mankind revert back to anarchy?" was brought about in the midst of a lunchtime discussion with a colleague today (yes, it is possible to talk about things other than 'the industry'). He had some 'great ideas' about how to make society better, things like making those of lesser education go on courses to earn their dole, etc... he had a long list.

And as he's talking I'm getting more and more agitated.

I end up saying to him that he can't have that. As altruistic as his suggestions for a better society are, he can't have them. Why? Well, it's been proven time and time again in history that any STRUCTURE mankind invents turns to shit real quick once the hierarchic concerns of capitalism or the corrupt concerns of communism (or vice versa cos they're both the same game) come into play.

There hasn't been one man-made society that hasn't ended in ruin, and it plays out to whatever structure you create. There's a standard distribution curve that just about maps out the rise then fall of any social mechanism mankind has constructed.

And the only option left, the only Occam's Razor Cut? Anarchy. But what does anarchy mean? Well, we take the basic parameters of society (religious belief systems, money making via wars, subjugation of the people via education, landlords and serfs, state benefit and censorship) and then eradicate them all. No rulers. No ownership. No country. A planet of self educaters, self seekers. Fuck moral middle ground. Life truly lived at last. Man, this is starting to sound like the beautiful dream Internet 2 threatens to turn into World Wide Wiretap any time soon.

Can this dark horse Anarchy, the opposite of organised society, prevail where so many other 'systems of social conformity' have continually failed? Do you think mankind could survive a return to pre-managed-societal behaviours, values, mores? Would such a world be any less horrific than today's corporate brain numbing?


Samuel Skinner said...

It is called Somalia. Yeah- anarchy inevitably descends into warlordism. Until some lucky pirate hijacks a freighter and gets enough tanks to decalre himself monarch of "Adbi's awesome Kingdom".

Seriously- all human endevors over a certain size are hierichial... heck, even families are!

Mike Philbin said...

I think warlordism will always happen in a Capitalist (or non-resource-driven) economy. I'm talking about total global anarchy, a worldwide refusal to comply to the doctrine. individuals eager to learn and spread knowledge. Not cliquism.

Actually, nothing's gonna work, this has already become a system. And system's don't work. Gah.

Samuel Skinner said...

Mike, it appears you have come to the sudden realization that the world is none utopian.

Also, anarchy is a political system (well, lack of one). The three economic systems that are available are
capitalism- supply and demand
command- order
traditional- obligation and tradition

So unless you are aiming for people to go back to the tribe (which is the whole point of this series-

The problem with such an idea is that it doesn't work- you can't create a self sustaining population under 200 people in the world. There are too many people!

Mike Philbin said...

I think Anarchy is the only solution that works in Nature. Sure, there are some tribes, but generally it's every toothed beast for himself.

Apply that brutal mentality to every members of Anarchy for itself. It certainly hasn't been tried since tribal times.

I'm talking about a pre-civilisation ethos - but with the benefit of technology.


Anonymous said...

Somalia, a failed State, as an example of Anarchy in action. Wait, was it an example of a State that descended into Anarchy, or an Anarchy that descended into "warlordism" (as if such an ideology existed)?
This is why I can't stand hearing moderates talk about Anarchism. Pick up a book and learn the difference between organized society and the monopoly of sanctioned, culturally arbitrary coercion called Statism.

Mike Philbin said...

FREE PLANET and its ingrained duty for every citizen to concentrate on 'leaving the planet better than you found it' might be one solution to 'arbitrary societal lawsets'.

FREE PLANET - there are several posts on this blog.

I'm writing from the future.