Thursday, January 29, 2009

Atheism is the Global Elite's way to control the masses

Atheism is the Global Elite's way to control the masses ... no it's not.

Why am I even discussing this?

Well, as many of you know, I listen (sorta avidly) to Alex Jones and I can mostly take his over-religious schtick, it's a way to penetrate the mid-American masses I guess. The same way George Bush did to get votes. But I believe Alex has faith in The Lord, and that's all well and good. I don't hold it against him because he's really trying to expose the Global Elite and bring the masses to their senses. A little God worship on the side ain't gonn' blight his exemplary record at bull-horning the New World Order.

But then he has this caller on whining about ATHEISM on the Comments page of either Infowars or PrisonPlanet, and this caller's saying something along the lines of 'the global elite want to destroy religion and have a non-God-fearin' population'. And Alex agrees with him! I think this caller might have got his Satanists (another organised religion to keep people at each others' throats) and his Atheists (thinkers, livers, searchers) mixed up along the way.

Then it dawned on me.

Though I've gone along with Alex's obsession with The Lord and how it's Every Americans' GOD GIVEN RIGHT to have freedom of speech and guns. HE'S WRONG. And I'm a fan, a big fan of Alex's show and his educationist mission. Of course, I'm not gonna sit on an international telephone line for four hours hoping I'll make it onto the air to voice my distaste at this semi-Fascist Bible bashing. So, maybe someone at Alex's studio'll come read this (I did mail them) and Religion/Atheism can be a new NWO topic or something on the Alex Jones Show one day. I don't think the argument makes sense, that the Global Elite (who used organised religion for centuries to control the masses) suddenly wanna have non-believers running around questioning everything.

Atheism, as I see it, being host to the CHURCH OF ATHEISM here in sunny Oxford, is a liberating state of being. You live with the fact that there's no life after death. It makes you realise that you really should make the most of this life. Atheism shows you that you can live AS A HUMAN and have hopes and dreams and it's all the result of YOUR good hard work, YOUR own research. Not due to some bloke in the clouds looking down on a trembling flock and conferring blessings upon us like so much pigeon bread.

Alex Jones's insistent religious viewpoint suggests that HE's more interested in control of the masses than the global elites at this point. It just doesn't ring true. Atheists search for knowledge. I bet there are more atheists in the Truther Movement than 'religious nuts', my phrase. I say it like this because to believe in something like A God is just nuts, to an atheist. And still worse, it allows for 'my god is better than your god'. Organised Religion isn't the all-encompassing sense of love it's advertised as, it's STILL merely a way for the government to control the morals of the masses then religious people don't need to think. And Alex knows this, so what's his game?

As long as you can quote scripture, you're saved? No, you're doomed, along with all the other sheeple. An atheist army is gonna kick through the dogma more effectively than a psychically-and-morally knee-capped God-army. An army for humanity, and for the future existence of our race, for the right reason.

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