Saturday, January 03, 2009

In God we trust? we don't. Define GOD. How can we trust in something we KNOW doesn't exist?

For example: what if we're carted off to court on some charge, you know, you might as an adult have chosen to be a Buddhist or a Taoist or any other invented religion or non-religion. Why then, as a citizen of the United Kingdom, would you be asked to put your right hand on THE HOLY BIBLE(sic) to state that, "I will lie under oath as instructed by my counsel"?

I do not believe in God.

Sorry, it just makes no sense to me as a intelligent human being. It's a daft idea that (just because of some old book from a foreign land) there's some prescient, omnipresent and conscious entity out there that's the sum total of its own creation. It's a separate entity but it's also a part of everything and IT LOVES YOU until you don't play its game using its rules. I mean, what a massive steaming turd of an idea Organised Religion's vengeant God is. I'm sorry, I don't buy into the corporate ideal of a complicit herd of sheeple who just gulp down the green-green indoctrination. Remember this, human beings can be part of a global community AND can still have a reinforced-concrete moral foundation.

If I'm dragged into court I will tell the truth. I love the truth. It's why I'm becoming a very public Truth Seeker. I just wish the Justice System wouldn't keep trying to shove its (invented) God down humanity's throat as if having placed my hand on some book I still wouldn't tell a lie to save my ass - we really don't need that book to be true to our selves and our brothers/sisters.

They're CRIMINALS that's why they're in court, right? These are the same people who say, as soon as they're arrested, "I swear on my living mother's life I never...(list of charges)" THEY ARE THIEVES, THUGS AND LIARS SWEARING ON THEIR MOTHERS' LIVES does anyone not even see this. These guys'll say ANYTHING that'll get them a lesser charge.

Don't ask these guys to swear to anything - only the 'evidence of their crimes' (for or against) will be their judge. Anything else is just propaganda.

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