Saturday, February 07, 2009

Bob Lazar - Two Forms of Gravity - quark matter

Alleged Area 51 employee (well, for five months) Bob Lazar says TWO FORMS OF GRAVITY, the subatomic kind that keeps atoms together and the macroscopic kind that keeps galaxies together, are needed for the sport model UFO's propulsion system to work...

And he's right.

Well, he's partly right. He's just confused about the terms micro-gravity and macro-gravity. THE WHOLE UNIVERSE runs on the principal of gravity, not matter. Matter (I guess clockwise and anti-clockwise spacetime turbulence would be a more accurate term) is a cyclic exhaust gas of this gravity engine. And this gravity is extra-dimensional. Look, you're right, I'm no technical guru, so fuck you, but isn't it evident from certain acknowledged scientific phenomena (light, for example) that we can describe the universe in terms of GRAVITY SETTLING A DEBT. Yes, you heard me correctly, light is a chimeric by-product of Universal Equilibrium, light doesn't really exist as such, it's an illusion. Gravity is just too big to be constrained within the sub-atomic, so let's stop talking nonsense and wake up to the reality of the universe.

It's been a while since I chit-chatted about my Hertzan Chimera unit theory but seeing Bob Lazar (either you believe him or you don't) talk about his time working on (ahem) alien technology gave me the old HC Unit-nostalgia goose bumps.

Bob's nearly right about his strong and weak gravity needed to drive the alien craft. But it's all the same Universal Equilibrium mechanism at work. In the galactic flavour, the HC Unit regulates the flow of spacetime through it's spinny mechanism, any excess of momentum spills into OUR UNIVERSE and achieves some plateau until the 'fabric and properties of the universe' settle the debt, filling in quanta by quanta in towards the HC Unit.

This is how we see light emiting from an atom. It's the universe moving towards a point. Now that's a lot more spectacular than a fucking photonic release - oh, look a big photon. NO, we're talking the entire item of universeness, it's unity, moving to a single point. Can you even understand how fundamentally relativistic this is? When we 'see' something, we're experiencing the universe moving away from us at the speed of light!

On the subatomic scale, this Universal Equilibrium takes place ninety degrees out of phase for each nearby HC Unit in a constructive/destructive resonance fashion. The excess has no time to generate a em radiation component where the universe 'falls in', because it is syphoned into the neighbouring HC Unit. Closing the em radiation loop.

This way, all atoms can be described as single 'loops of HC Units feeding each other'. They're mono-dimensional. Point objects, just like real atoms. And they have excess resonance based on the number of constructive/destructive phases in their layout. They have net charge.

The real mystery is the HC Unit that needs a constant frequency of clockwise/anticlockwise turbulence to link up with its four neighbours to produce a ZERO NET CHARGE atom like Neon. I once thought that all HC Units had the same frequency, but maybe there are many sorts of HC Unit all with different frequencies that 'pair up' and then 'tri up' and then.... you get the idea. Actually, four was the wrong number for Neon, it's twelve, because each 'hydrogen atom' within the 'neon atom' is made up of three HC Units. Populist Science calls them Quarks.

Four-Quark is what I contend Dark Matter is because it can never break the HC4 loop - it's an valency dead zone, a sealed unit. Invisible from all measurement.

of course aliens will come in through the wall. Why do you think you don't see aliens coming through thin air? There's nothing there to TRANSPORT THEM. That's why the sphere transporter of Terminator 2 was soooooooooo wrong. You need something at 'their end' that'll allow for swapping of HC Units so they can be transported, 'atom by atom' to the new world. You also have to be aware of the 'direction of gravity' for the destination so you don't end up transporting yourself into a death drop or something. I wonder when the aliens (or humans from the future) first worked out that there's a FLOOR adjacent to every wall? Hey, this is now looking like aliens are more Mimzy future humans but that's a whole 'nother post...

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