Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Global UFO Disclosure 2009 - revealed

...when Mexican or Canadian or Belgian or Russian military release this stuff to the public domain, indirectly via organisations like UFO Disclosure or directly like The Larry King Show, one has to be skeptical.

This 1/4 scale prototype of the Lockheed-Martin "Skunk Works" P791 LTA ACLS is by far my favourite U.F.O.-like thing in the sky - imagine the sun glimmering off this strange thing at altitude. It's quite dynamic too. Take off and leanding are enhanced by four feet that can blow or suck. Nice.

and if they can make them manoeuvrable in this shape/configuration, why not a superlong cigar shaped version for Homeland Security surveillance? Despite Fox's 'is it a UFO' idiocy:

Or even better, these guys - who've been in the UFO building business for nearly a century:

AEREON III (designed and built in 1959-1965) was a hybrid containing helium cells in three joined hulls which formed a rectangular wing/body, just like Lockheed's P-791. It was the first rigid airship built since the Zeppelins of the 1930’s. It was runway-tested before being dismantled in 1967. The triple-hull had been state-of-the-art, dating from the 1860’s when AEREON I was built and flown over Manhattan with passengers. The inventor, Dr. Solomon Andrews of New Jersey, coined the name, which means “AIR AGE,” because he saw that being able to fly into the wind, in this balloon, meant air transportation would be possible. He formed the first U. S. air transportation company, whose motto was: “Time flies; why not man?” President Lincoln intended demonstration flights in Washington and asked the Army to investigate it to shorten the Civil War. His assassination ended that prospect. Dr. Andrews eventually gave his patents to the nations of the world to benefit humanity.

Aereon Corporation's massive triangular or DELTOID AEROBODY design is the spitting image of so many big silent ufos that have been spotted of late:

If we don't take the mainstream UFO Phenomenon with a big pinch of salt, our freedom itself is at risk. Sorry, but that's a fact. Believe the State Aired Propaganda at your peril lovers of liberty, truth and justice.

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