Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Viktor Grebennikov's Flying Platform - Bio-Gravitics - chitin

Whilst doing some research on the Vorsprung Durch Tecknik of Adolf Hitler's NAZI UFO fleet, I grazed across to this very entertaining presentation about Russian entomologist and artist Viktor Grebennikov's Flying Platform. Yes, a Flying Platform. Here's Grebennikov (himself) using his Flying Platform:

I know it looks like some rubbish Photoshop 'false shadow' job or some even worse 'man jumping while his shoes are glued to a wooden platform' stunt BUT apparently it's all due to the Cavity Structures Effect (CSE). Here's alternative energy researcher Jerry Decker explaining all in this (as has already been mentioned) highly entertaining presentation video:

I'm not suggesting there could have been hundreds of thousands of insect wings glued under these NAZI UFOs but one never knows. Even television seems like science fiction if you don't know how it works.


Josua Jason lee said...

do you know how it work?

Mike Philbin said...

of course not - my cynical suspicion is that a man jumps and someone takes a photo.