Saturday, April 04, 2009

UFO Disclosure - the legalese of global genocide - Now That's Weird

for the last fifty years, through documentaries on television and feature films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., Communion and Fire in the Sky, the people of this planet have been indoctrinated into the real possibility that there are real UFOs in our skies and real aliens at their glowing helms.

Anyone who's done any UFO research at all will have uncovered incredible testimony from seemingly-credible eye-witnesses that the leaders of our countries have even met with these UFO-driving aliens at secret bases around the globe. Though there have been attempted cover-up stories (which are always enticing, right) rumour has spread that captured (crashed or shot down) alien technology exists that far exceeds what we could possibly imagine today. I mean, it all sounds very cloak and dagger, very fanciful, very intriguing - a hard secret to keep, one would think.

But what is potentially going on with UFO Disclosure, and why now?

Well, in the context of our prime minister Gordon Brown just reiterating George HW Bush's New World Order mantra at this year's G20 calling for Global Governance, and senator Jay Rockefeller suggesting that THE INTERNET was the worst thing ever invented (because it's hard to control freedom of information), we have the opportunity to examine UFO Disclosure phenomenon through the filter of total control of the planet and its shadowy villain, eugenics.

Note: to the Donald Ware legal team before I get going, "This is not a libelous attack on one participant of UFO Disclosure, more a personal interpretation leading to worst case scenario for mankind."

As a Director of the International UFO Congress, ex-CFR guy Donald Ware was a participant in the sixth and last State of the World Forum held at the New York Hilton in conjunction with the UN Millennium Summit in September 2000. This allowed him to participate in round tables on: Democratizing Global Government; The Earth Charter; Biotechnology – Human Genome – Human Being; and Future Visions: Putting Scientific and Spiritual Imaginations to Work. Ware also addressed the State of the World Forum at their June 2003 conference in Brussels titled, “National Sovereignty and World Challenges: Choices for the World after Iraq.” He talked about the Integral Governance Initiative that followed the conference, a new effort to help resolve the 20 most serious problems of the world.

The internet radio show NOW THAT'S WEIRD hosted by Ross Hemsworth on Glastonbury Radio, recently interviewed Donald Ware as part of the UFO Congress in Laughlin NV. While listening to the responses, I applied the New World Order legalese filter and this is what I came up with:

  • It's evident from Corporate Law that all government corporations speak (even in public) in legalese - using words that we think we understand the meaning of but are really quite different in the corporate context. Is this what's happening now? Are the Global Elite publicly broadcasting past the sheople using this code?
  • When they talk about 'enlightenment' and 'spirituality' are they talking about the New World Order Game, i.e. nothing about finding one's place in the religious(sic) world?
  • When they talk about "tall whites" - does they mean the global elite? Is "mother ships" a special code for BANKER HAVENS?
  • When they talk about "children" and "peace", are they talking about WHISPER SQUADS and BIO-TERRORISTs respectively? Does anyone have the special N.W.O. code book they'd like to URL us with?
  • Why are the CIA bothering with the (NASA computer hacker) Gary Mckinnon extradition case? Ware says they'll probably draw it out for a few years so as to make an example of him - this is what happens when you go snooping around. You are not free.
  • Ware says President Reagan got a UFO briefing. Does this mean he was shown film of the Kennedy assassination from a location that no-one's ever seen before? You know, what's my agenda?
  • Ware admits that CFR = world government. Research BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON and PTECH's involvement in the coming corporate cyber attacks crisis.
  • Chemtrails are being used to "keep the public passive".
  • But the big thing for me was when he talked about ONE BILLION SOULS. He just dropped it into the conversation. Is this revealing the foundation of the N.W.O. eugenics agenda? That five billion of us will be exterminated? Is this connected to his legalese phrases "large reality"? Does this mean the death of the internet, as we know it. Death to Freedom. Or just the death of us all. The Final Solution?

Ward knows we're getting chipped in this on-its-way world government, and it's not gonna be too hard to organise a Project Bluebeam-like apocalypse when 'negotiations with the (disclosed) alien races' breaks down (sic). They already have lasers in space as part of the Star Wars defense network. They already have HAARP to totally disrupt digital communication.

Wait a minute, aren't they potentially, setting up provision for a fake ALIEN GOVERNMENT so that they can shift the blame on to the new (invented) global terrorists for the forthcoming Eugenics activity. This would be perfect because it even gives those who remain a (virtual) enemy to try to muster feeble/futile resistance to. The idea of a resident alien dictatorship has already been pre-fed into our psyche in TV shows like V and films such as Terminator and Mars Attacks.

Sounds insane, I know...


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Mike. I heard about you from a mutual aquaintence, Mark. Good to see another Oxford man fighting the good fight. Thanks for the comment on my review of Colonel Corso's book. The UFO issue is a kind of "deafening whisper" coming from the Elite at the moment. Some drop hints, like Old Ronnie did in his UN speech. I also feel that the media is bringing the concept more and more to our awareness in the films you mentioned. Why? Are we being conditioned to fear them for an alien false flag attack? Or maybe the Extraterrestrials are really coming? Perhaps; there are certainly a lot more UFO's about these days. I've seen them myself a few times. Either way you can bet it will be all for THEIR benenefit and not ours!

Mike Philbin said...


good that you made it to my blog-view and hope to maybe arrange a chit-chat with you in Oxford some day soon.


LW said...

Please have a look at a photo video I made for YouTube. "Meeting a daylight orb face 2 face"

I think 2 things are happening at the same time. One is real UFO's that appear without "an agenda". The other is that some governments know this, and abuse it for their own criminal, corrupt agenda and mix true with false information.