Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anti-IIluminati on Alex Jones Show and Jason Bermas Show

here's a call Alex Jones received on his show back in March 2009 from a guy with the handle Anti Illuminati. He comes out with some pretty damning evidence, naming names and shaming shames. The SMART GRID technology. The FALSE FLAG cyber terrorism. The biotech masterplan. That's gotta be worth telling the masses about, specifically holding the treasonous companies who engage in this humanity subversion to task.

Wonder if/when Alex is gonna get him on the show as a guest - he has some amazing insights into the whole Smart Grid threat to humanity. Let's not have another investigative journalist SUICIDEd in the name of corporate complacency.

Here's another time when Anti Illuminati phoned in the late-nite Jason Bermas show.

Please listen - the lives of your children might depend on this information.

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