Saturday, June 27, 2009

Audit All Governments Day - New World Disorder

According to this article by Sorcha Faal, Russia’s FSB Reports Pop Icon Michael Jackson Assassinated By CIA. And who really knows, or even cares about the InfoWar anymore? We need to see ALL THOSE (alleged) E.M.P. STRIKES the Russians are picking up since round about 2001 or before to the present day. We need someone in the Russian government to SPILL THE FUCKING BEANS, release the files...

but then anyone who critiques the data will go, "Oh yeah it's just the Russians spreading disinfo." like they do with every because we all know Sorcha Faal's a disinfo nut.

Do we? Do we really know that? For sure? For sure, sure?

There really is no way to know what's real any more. There really is no trusting of our governments. I'm serious, we're all living in a state-generated dream world, where truth and justice is whatever flavour of the corporate day. Unless we take all our corporate governments to task and just HAVE A LOOK at what they know about each other. That sounds like I'm asking for all governments AROUND THE WORLD to be ceased and desist'd overnight. I'm not asking for that. I wouldn't wanna give them ANY time at all to instigate an exit strategy.

AUDIT ALL GOVERNMENTS now -- Freedom Of Information should mean just that -- FREEDOM FOR ALL.

I now wanna know what plan the New World Order, via their league of corporate governments, have in store for us. I wanna see all the fucking memos in all the fucking governments across this lovely planet. Suspend all governments TODAY. Stop the war machine.

Cease and desist all 'elected' government now, this very minute. Let's, as a population of SIX BILLION PEOPLE take stock of the world situation, filter out the New World Order crap, then restart from a cleaner (i.e. less politically muddied) slate. This 'fog of war' is leading us round by the nose - we MUST reject it, for the sake of our Freedom.

NB: with all Obama's troops stationed in foreign (corporate) wars, American Congress (government) is wide open to Organised Militia takeover - DON'T THEY UNDERSTAND THEIR TACTICAL ERROR?


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, have you received any good submissions for Chimeraworld 6yet? I hope so. Those are going to be some good stories, if people are able to create them.

I agree with you, the governments are just not trustworthy - that's the one important thing we can know for sure. We don't need to see through the fog, just seeing the fog is enough.

Mike Philbin said...

I have (rejected some inappropriate submissions and) received a lot of good submissions. With a whole stack more to read yet. It's going very well. And people are truly waking up to the New World Disorder.