Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day in Kew Gardens

we took a very relaxed train trip Oxford > Reading > Richmond > Kew Gardens, and back, avoiding London and the Tube completely. Spent a very pleasant day; myself, Mrs P and our girl walking around, having fun.

Took a couple panoramas:

first: a tree, obviously - I'm getting a bit of a fetish for pano'ing trees of late

second: a view of the Japanese garden from the raked gravel side - and, yes, that is the same passenger airliner taking off through the shot

The highlight of the day was getting Mrs P to climb up and around the Treetop Walkway (pictured below); a real triumph as she doesn't have a good head for heights AND it was all metal mesh, you could see right through to the floor from about 20 meters up (!)

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Boon said...

I was at Kew Gardens last weekend too, very nice weather and what a lovely place! I think it is one of the hidden gems of London.

I'm just about to upload my pictures to my post as well, feel free to check it out!