Monday, June 08, 2009

Destroying National Sovereignty Is Real Aim of Global Warming Swindle

Destroying National Sovereignty Is Real Aim of Global Warming Swindle.

June 7, 2009 (LPAC) — British aristocrat & global warming denier Lord Christopher Monckton said in a June 2 interview with 21st Century Science & Technology that the cabal's intentions in promoting the global warming fraud, was never about the climate but was always about setting up world government.

Lord Monckton also reiterated his view that the motive for promotion of the triple frauds of global warming, biofuels, and the DDT scare, is the genocidal reduction of the world population, especially in Third World nations. Oh, slight diversion, here he is in a 9-minute edito-mercial for his contre-Gore-like documentary APOCALYPSE, NO! Hey, he's not a big fan of the IPCC.

Anyway, back to the pieve, Monckton claims the global warming cabal will use the Copenhagen Climate Summit, scheduled for December 2009, to turn the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change into an enforcement body for world government. "They are not frankly particularly worried about whether they get a deal on who should cut global emissions by how much," Monckton said. "It is not, and never was, about that."

Monckton also restated his view that the global warming scare is the third genocide being committed against the world's population. He said people are already dying, all over the world, of starvation caused by the biofuels scam, which came out the global warming scare. The other two genocides that Monckton speaks about are: (1) The banning of DDT which has so far caused the deaths of 40 million, and has left millions more, mostly children, still infected with malaria. (2) The failure to properly respond to the AIDS pandemic, by use of well-established public health measures, including universal testing, and isolation and treatment of the carriers. This intentional genocidal policy has led to 25 million deaths worldwide, and at least 40 million inflected. Monckton's horrifying estimate of the number of persons infected with the HIV virus is only a published estimate by the World Health Organization. The extent of the HIV infection in the world population is not known since there is still to this day resistance to policy of universal testing for the HIV virus in the general population.

In a presentation to the Third International Conference on Climate Change, hosted in Washington, D.C. by the Heartland Institute June 2, Monckton pointed out that the key to the victory over the cabal pushing world governance lies in the United States. Monckton said: "In the end, it will be here, in the United States, that the truth will first emerge. ... Not in Europe, for we are no longer free. ... It is here, in this great nation founded upon liberty, that the battle for the world's freedom will be won."

Here, Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) questions Lord Christopher Monckton at a hearing on climate change adaptation and discovers there's Too LITTLE Global Warming Pollution to sustain the earth's plant life. Basically, if we continue on the Kyoto agreement path and if we continue to aerosol spray the atmosphere, we're only funding the GLOBAL EUGENICS AGENDA.

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timpanogos said...

Monckton seems to be calendar and map challenged: He claims that banning DDT spraying in 1972 caused malaria to increase in 1965?

He claims banning DDT use in Texas caused malaria to rise in Africa?

He must think mosquitoes are supersonic and capable of time travel.

Will you support my bid for the tinfoil hat concession at Monckton's next appearance? I need to retire filthy rich.

Ed Darrell