Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dr David Kelly - Operation Mason - BioWeapons revelations

SUICIDE'd microbiologist and U.N. chief weapons inspector Dr David Kelly was writing a book exposing highly damaging government secrets before his ­mysterious death. He was intending to reveal that he warned Prime Minister Tony Blair there were no weapons of mass destruction anywhere in Iraq weeks before the ­British and American invasion. He had several discussions with a publisher in Oxford and was seeking advice on how far he could go without breaking the law on secrets. Daily Express news article continues here.

Jill Dekker, an EU expert on biological warfare has told how she fears ending up 'dead in the woods' like scientist Dr David Kelly after an alleged campaign of intimidation by members of MI6 and the CIA. Read the Daily Mail article here.

Stephen Dresh is a private investigator who runs Dead in the Woods, an ongoing investigation into the BIOWEAPONS MAFIA and this is the latest video (uploaded yesterday).

Additionally, THIRTEEN bioweapons scientists have died suddenly and mysteriously since 9/11. Several surgeons and consultants have written letters contradicting the findings of the HUTTON REPORT.

John Scurr - Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Andrew Rouse - Public health consultant
Searle Sennett - Specialist in anaesthesiology
David Halpin - specialist in trauma
Stephen Frost- Specialist in radiology
Dr Peter Fletcher - Specialist in pathology
Martin Birnsringi - Specialist in vascular surgery

There's a lot more to the death of Dr David Kelly that's being told to the general public. A really sinister world of microbiology, corporate machinations and black ops tyranny. In light of the recent Baxter near-decimation of Europe by deadly influenza vaccine... Listen, do 'You The People' even care about these globally relevant issues any more? Have you totally turned off your minds to the eugenics agenda that's being conducted against ALL SIX BILLIONS OF YOU right now, today, this very minute?

SKYNEWS just posted this news item: Doctors Demand 'Proper' Dr Kelly Inquest.


mary said...

I see that the Dead in the Woods video has been taken down. Unsurprising knowing what dark forces are involved here. Have you read Tom Burghardt's article on Global Research, Dissident Voice and elsewhere with more questions?

Mike Philbin said...

DeadInTheWoods has been taken down - AHAHhahahahhAHHAHAHAH how fucking brilliant and pathetic.

Anyway, URL me about Tom Urghardt and I'll have a look.