Thursday, July 30, 2009

Global UFO Disclosure - Bob Dean - July 24 2009

hot on the heals of Dan Burisch @ Zurich Convention, here's Bob Dean at the Exopolitics Summit Press Conference, Barcelona, 24 July 2009, filmed by Project Camelot. Four humanoid races have been among us (monitoring their experiment) for thousands of years. A mass film erasure of Apollo moon landing footage. Why?

"THE BIG SECRET is what we found when we got on the moon ... we found overwhelming evidence that we were not alone. THEY followed us all the way to the moon. THEY followed us all the way home. And they watched every move we made."

All of this was filmed and all of this was erased... or so they thought. I love Bob's closing comment about primitive, savage, dangerous HUMANS having a 'real stinky' psychic odour. And Henry Deacon's coming half hour, I guess, is the next amendment to this week of disclosure blogs.

Oh, and here is Bob Dean again, at a group debate, talking about a doorway ten stories underground in Nevada which can take you to Pine Gap, Australia INSTANTANEOUSLY. Comments from Henry Deacon (and the following is my assumption) indicate that 'gravity shielding' is involved in the StarGate or JumpRoom technology - so basically they drop you OUT OF THE GRAVITY WELL for a split second and you flip through the earth as it travels past you. Totally mad, insane shit this is, or what?


Adam M Mason said...

Yeh, but isn't this just a load of rubbish?

...isn't it?

I mean, why would we be bombarded by UFO fiction if it were actually the truth that we have been watched by ETs for ages? and why would peoples in the US army and other armies be indoctrinated with this same intelligence, and then some (like Bill Cooper) told, or concluded that that intelligence was actually a load of crap to detract from real intelligence. Now I can get the concept of counter-intelligence, it messes everything up.

In addition, notice how the audience react to certain statements - they are already believers.


I could mock up those photos myself in Photoshop

and WTF??? a two thousand mile long craft making / mining the rings of saturn? and no-one's ever seen it through a telescope... riiiiight.

Sorry Dean, it's such a compelling story - like X-files which I deliberately refuse to watch, "I want to believe" but there's simply no real proof, as usual. Just words. And he mentioned Michio Kaku, a typical pop-science shill who publishes ostensibly amazing facts - but seems to shy away from really important issues. He really annoys me, although he's very good - fulfills his position well, like Dawkins.

And yes, of course there's life on mars. Remember the David Bowie song?

He is completely correct about the lying being a fine art in America. Hmm... isn't HE American...

Wow and he gets so teary eyed about "Mother Gaia" like a true 20th century devotee of the new earth religion. Of course we are connected to "her", we ARE HER! HELLO! We are made from the same materials which have (presumably more or less) always been here in the biosphere and always recycling.

Fair enough I do agree with some of what he's saying, and then he IS more than twice my age. However there seems to be a kind of pertinent end-of-life melancholy to his presentation, and it's possible that he could be deluded about all the UFO stuff for years and decades.

Then maybe I'm too cynical, have just become annoyed by the lifetime of F***ING annoying American propaganda and science fiction not least of all the recent Indiana Jones and that shitty film "Knowing" all of which have so affected the way we all think and rendered separation of fact and fiction next to impossible. I've learned to follow my instincts and sorry, this one's a stinker. If it all turns out to be true then sure, I'll eat my hat. Indeed since WE exist in the universe, as you hear in ALL the American films, 'it'd sure be a waste of space if it were only us', the PROBABILITY that there is ET life is greater than the prob. that there isn't.

Still, something feels out of place in presentations like this..........

Finally - isn't it interesting that almost all the material you ever hear about - certainly the massive majority (UFOs, sci-fi, sightings, conspiracies, abductions blah blah blah blah blah ) are all AMERICAN? Isn't that interesting? makes you think. Certainly if these beings have been around us all the time, then SOME other culture - more than a few decades old like the Americans, would ... no I don't buy it. It's not that I'm being stubborn, it just all feels wrong. And anyway, isn't that genetic manipilation origin of man thing he was banging on about what that wacko Sitchin and also Scientology all about? Nope, it's all wrong. Shame - it's be nice to find an answer but so far Creationism, Darwinism and this Alienism just don't cut it.


My Owl of Minerva said...

you need to have your own personal UFO contact, before you judge so harshly on people who have had real experiences.

Mike Philbin said...


maybe it's already happened TO ALL OF US, and maybe it's just a Military Operation to usher in blah blah blah.

Basically, I don't care. Reality is THIS PLACE, NOW - all other 'thoughts and theories' are just that.

Be alive, do right by Free Planet.