Saturday, July 11, 2009

HAARP and the rise of earthquakes since 2000

two items for this HAARP-related post

By June 2000 HAARP has again increased its power levels. The increased reception around the world of the 1999 test compared to the 1997 test is due not only to the increased transmitter power but also the increased plasma density of the ionospheric F layer as we approach the solar sunspot maximum in the year 2000. [source THE UNAUTHORIZED HISTORY OF HAARP]

1) here's a list called Historic Worldwide Earthquakes.
Note specifically the insane increase in global earthquakes since 2000.

2) Did HAARP cause the 2003 Northeastern Blackout?
Note this is data based on a scientist's observations - he should really come forward and name himself before he's SUICIDE'd a bit.


Anonymous said...

No doubt there is an increase in earthquakes worldwide, however, it's possible that this isn't caused by HAARP. It could also turn out, that the nasty solar minimum we are experiencing might be a precursor to an ice-age cycle...which corresponds with a sharp increase in both earthquakes, and volcanism...both of which we are seeing at the moment.....Along with reduced solar irradiation. (But I'm not defending HAARP in any way, mind you. That set up is just CREEPY...)

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if someone could find more info on this.