Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lords Syndicate - Jason Bermas - Cyber Attack information

A one-hour 'live brief' on THE NATIONAL ACADEMIES OF SCIENCE (listen to the briefing) - that's what's bein' talk'd about in this three-part 'message in a bottle' from's 'Countering Propaganda' Josh aka Lords Syndicate on the Jason Bermas radio show back in April 2009 - US NEEDS CLEAR POLICIES ON THE USE OF CYBER ATTACKS. According to Lords Syndicate (at one time a cyber security guy @ Motorola), the US Army are cyber-attacking everyone, using exploits to turn machines against people: the enemy, you, me and even their own owners.

Using the entire internet AS A WEAPON.

It's all in the Listen To The Briefing file, the plan to AGILE the world onto their one network by stealth, thuggery or tyranny. And it's all 'incredibly damning' evidence from "Admiral Lynn" himself. Seems like, with such low view-stats, none of you heard this twenty minutes of amazing revelation the first time, you all need prodding to L.I.S.T.E.N. before it's really too late.

Lords Syndicate on Jason Bermas part 1 (Josh arrives @ 08:50)
Lords Syndicate on Jason Bermas part 2
Lords Syndicate on Jason Bermas part 3

And as a closer - every good comedian set needs a closer - here's Lords Syndicate rationally summarising the Listen To The Briefing file:

"We must ensure that the American people, who are a threat, are crushed now before it is too late. We must crush them and crush the net before it kills us.
We Must act today! NOW NOW NOW! We Made sure this only was given out today 30 minutes prior to our webcast because we know they are watching us nearly as hardcore as we are watching them. They know what we are up to, and we must kill them and their internet NOW! We have no time left to waste and we cannot let it exist in this current state a moment longer! People need to wake up - this is the NWO's top scientists freaking out saying they must stop the internet yesterday! Not me -- them. They are freaking out saying they must do everything to advance their offensive capabilities and kill this internet as fast as they can. Ok, I hope you guys get it THEY are shitting themselves and saying THEY want the internet gone... Yesterday even..." UNQUOTE

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