Sunday, July 12, 2009

NWO advice from a Major General OF-7

I'm tracing the source of this missive but it's worth putting up for posterity, while the checks are done. All and any comments (as always) are welcome.

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First off, I'm going to start this out right. I'm posting from a foreign Linux proxy, through a friend's account with his permission, and I have my reasons, you don't need to know why. I'm a veteran, and was a Major General OF-7 and have been around long before most of you were in diapers. I'm not going to post which wars I was in, because of personal reasons. I am a member of Sons of Liberty as well, as I recently joined. I've seen more men die, than the number of you on this board. I've seen more of my friends killed, than people I know now. I've killed more of the enemy than any of you ever will in your lifetime. I took a AK round through the kidney, and a .308 through the shoulder for my country. So sit down, shut the hell up, and read.

Where this movement is headed. The movement is headed towards failure, as its been hijacked. When I watched the protests during the Wietnam war, I witnessed most of you "peaceful" protesters gunned down like flies by rouge elements, special ops, and Israeli (Mossad) terrorists. You may win a few battles, but ultimately, the war will be lost. Yes, I am a firm believer that the NWO will win in the current situation. They will win because they are still here, and they are still creating their NWO. The NWO WILL FALL, no doubt, but not until long after they have it, and the majority of the idiots in the movement will either end up dead via Eugenics, or mowed down by rogue elements at "peaceful" protests because you don't have enough common sense, or brains to defend yourself from a thug attacking you. Its gone from you, as it is most people in this day in time. You have all been de-humanised, and pussy-fied. You have become like the little dog, who has been beaten to the point to where it falls over, and submits. In my time, we would have just kicked your ass, and left you a bloody pulp for firing some pussy rubber bullet at someone. Nowa days, you just stand there like crash dummies, and take it up the ass like a chump. I have no sympathy for any of you. But for your sake, I am posting this for those of you that still have an Axon in the brain that may fire correctly.

The American people are becoming aware, but by the time they are, America will be wiped out. America is already gone in case most of you haven't noticed. Sitting there sucking your thumb wanting your America back wont' do it. Its gone. It died a final blow in the '60s. Most of you weren't born when the liberal's (communist) party began so you didn't see the movement the NWO created. Liberalism, or any form of it, is %100 NWO instituted. During these times, most of you that claim you are awake, are not. You weren't there, and you didn't see it. You know there are a group of people planning world government, and some of the things they are into, but that doesn't make you "AWAKE", it only makes you "AWARE".

Alex has said that if %5 fight back, they can be defeated. NO. They cannot. Although JTS seems to think so. You are up against drones of types that you haven't seen yet, and will not see for another 5-10 years, or in battle. Things that will give you nightmares if you saw them. Peaceful protests won't stop machines with 30 cal machine guns, and Tesla bolts that can throw a 200 yard burst into your skull, leaving you looking like the headless horseman. Daddy's Mossberg .12 gauge won't stop something like that. Neither will "waking people up". It doesn't matter how many people you wake up. Its just that many more that will be dead, not enslaved when they resist. You aren't going to win against TIA by what you are doing now, there is no way in hell. That is, unless the majority of the populous is aware of the NWO. They aren't, and they are nowhere near being there. The hour is too late.

JTS has told most of you how they can be defeated, but instead, he was, as I have been told banned by a certain liberal-minded moderator, and silenced over and over by this person that he couldn't get his point across. JTS, as he has said, worked for a company years ago that developed "some" of these things until the company went under because of bad funding. Some of the things he hasn't talked about for fear of being banned. Things you can tell people in private, but not in a crowd, or a cowardly moderated board. So I'm going to tell you what can be done.

Our military has capabilities that you won't see anywhere else in the world with the exception of Japan. Japan gets all of it's robotic tech from the Rockefeller foundation, and over the past say, 15 years or so, that technology stopped going to the US. See Bill Clinton. The US military had things when i was in it, that you didn't see until the 90s on the slaves' market. The people that control that technology are not aware, nor awake. They are just as dumb as most of you, if not dumber. (See the NAVY ads on your television) Most of you don't even understand the Constitution, much less the Bill of Rights, and neither do they. The US military is the key to stop the NWO. Not you. Them becoming fully aware is enough to stop the NWO. Most of them that would have it in their heart, and blood, a deep, and disdain hatred for the NWO, and a love for Liberty, will cause them to take the steps necessary to uphold their oath. Those of you that are military, and have seen combat, and are "special ops" (in specific) know what I mean. I mean as in, the original purpose of the CIA was to defend America from foreign enemies such as those in the NWO, until they were taken over by the NWO, almost immediately after it's creation. The FBI had, and still has this power, but never used/uses it.

What I am telling all of you is this. Since you are unable to think for yourselves, and often just parrot things you read, or parrot Jones. Ill say it again. The key to defeating the NWO is not you. It is the US military, Navy, Special Forces, and the CIA. If these people become AWARE, or AWAKE, (and some are now very awake), then the NWO will fall, overnight. The way to tell that the NWO is falling is the media acting very strange, and most of the neo-con/lib icons you see now, will be heading for the hills. They will all of a sudden stop making appearances on their shows. Reason being, that they are moving offshore to hide. Don't mistake this for when the elites move offshore when the SHTF. The media will report on what is going on. You will know what is happening. Alex, if he is still around then, will report on it.

If you pansies want the NWO to actually fall, get up off your lazy good for nothing ex-liberal asses, and get out there, and WAKE UP the CIA, Military, and all those in government. They will know what to do when enough of them are awake. They will do exactly what they are supposed to do, under the oath they took. Go into government, rank yourself UP in the military, even if you have to do things you wouldn't normally do, or approve of to get there. As Alex has said, its time to play some hardball. The people you are up against see you as animals, and some of you are like minded in that area, so you can't prove them wrong. The elites are smarter than all of you combined, with maybe Alex, and few others as the exception, which are smarter than all of you combined. Join the Media, and work your way up the shaft. Get hired at a local newspaper, and speak of the Constitution, invent a phrase that supports our Founder's ideas, and parrot it over and over. The military needs to be awake. NOW. The hour is very, very late, perhaps too late by now. JTS has woken up the local guard across 2 counties here, and well over 1000+ people just through his local business. Its time for you pansies to do your part. Don't waste your time running for office unless you have either money, or connections, you will lose badly, as JTS proved when he ran, and lost to a godless damned commie pig. Even with my connections, he lost because the other guy's connections go up to the regional (higher than state) level. They know who he is. He sleeps with an AK next to his bed at night. He's had the thugs come to his office before.

If you want to know the depth of which people in our failed government are aware, I'll tell you. Alex has said, that God is watching over him. This is true. The people that are aware, in our government, have more times, than often I've been told, prevented things from coming across the desks of those who wish to see his/our destruction. They have approached him, and done nothing on behalf of those who order them to do things. We all have our guardian angels, and they are here, working in the world today. They watch over people's hearts and minds alike. Most of these people will not, and never will come forward. But when things go bad, they will act, and you will never know who they are. The only hope is for you peons to wake up as much of them as possible so they can uphold their oaths. That should be your primary focus point. Alex is doing a damn good job of it. He doesn't make all that money from just you. He's had help from people with money that are awake. Thats why he is still around. He has friends in "high" places. I've met a few of them myself. They are good people.

You cower in fear over what they say. You are afraid that they are watching you, and they are. Stop being scared. What they say doesn't matter. What matters is what you say to others, and your actions, or lack thereof, towards those that do listen to them. 9/11 was an international special operations job, not an inside job, but you don't see Ron Paul going around blurting it out. He knows it is, but he is smart enough to use it to his advantage, unlike most of you. Look, and see. The masses who have become aware because of his actions vs. the others. These truths are self revealing.

This is power struggle. This is a power struggle of not just good vs evil, but Liberty vs Tyranny. In order to defeat the NWO, you absolutely must gain power. Or awake bystanders that hold power. That is how you take America back. This is it folks. This is Endgame. This is the most critical time in not just America's history, but the world's history as a whole. This is it. Its now, or nothing. Its now, or never. The hour is too late. Unless every one of you become a Luke Rudkowski, or Ron Paul, everything you know will be taken from you.

PS. The NWO is planning on blowing nukes off as a distraction through international cooperation. You better expose it before they do, or everyone is pretty much f**ked at that point. They also plan on releasing a (this time) very deadly virus, possibly out of Atlanta, GA. There is a very slim chance the country can be taken back after such a thing, but it is highly unlikely. Also, I don't know if Alex has told you, but there are elites that plan a NWO, but not the current one. It will be through peace, and many of you, in fact, the majority of you, will be mislead. Keep God, and the Constitution in mind for all that you do, and you won't be mislead. If you don't heed my advice, and start thinking for yourselves, (you currently are not), then the movement is gone, and you will all be enslaved or dead.

Semper Fi

* * *

There you go, and the logic of this statement has been proven before in history - remember when the Romanian military dethroned Nicolae Ceauşescu, overnight.

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