Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SCION - global ufo disclosure happening now

Transdimensional ufos in our skies?
Fifty five alien species?
Middle-of-the-night abductions?
Bases on mars?
Exchange plans for peace?
Secret groups in government?
Project looking glass and instantaneous galactic travel?
Anti-grav power systems?

Whatever DISCLOSURE actually means, be assured that a Dark Government project is going to OFFLOAD a tonne of this shit onto the Global Conscience in the coming months ... here's the first corporate salvo across our boughs via Dan Burisch (and Marcia McDowell) at a Zurich Conference A NEW WORLD: IF YOU CAN TAKE IT.

SCION that's what MAJESTIC got renamed to...

Now this codename SCION sounds familiar to me (is it something Anti Illuminati mentioned in one of his Ptech analyses in but I may be wrong.

In this (two hour) video, Dan Burisch (alongside his wife-to-be Marcia McDowell) talks about being the 'only one of two people on the original Majestic council' to have not been killed yet. We get to see the actual written language of the J-rods. SCION means heir or inheritance but Dan prefers the term 'host' in his understanding of the name. This story, I know, is intentionally convoluted and abstracted out so the public will be misled. By 2050 we should know if this story was worth the telling. Pinch o' salt-tastic.

Update: some have already commented (privately) that, "We wait and wait for Disclosure. But wonder if it will ever happen." Well, if we're to believe these 'survivors of the Majestic Groups, this is it; it's happening, right now.

This is Disclosure.

Or as Disclosure as it'll ever get - and I'm on the side of (propaganda) caution here - but technically, this is straight from the ex-Majestic's (now SCION team's) mouth. There've been deals done since the 50's. There were 'payments' made. Future-viewing devices have now been SMASHED up.

I do like the way Burisch's "J-rod Rule of Law" comment mirrors George HW Bush's call for a New World Order 'rule of law, not the law of the jungle' in his late-eighties speech.

"Carbon Dioxide Sequestration" that's the phrase that Dan Burisch throws out right at the end of his talk ... which has ominous tie-ins to the Carbon Credit plan IMHO.

There's some verrrrrrrrrrrrry strange CPS (child protection services) implications in this talk, Dan refers to the exchange currency as 'heirlooms', children. I've now really gotta find out what (politically) happened on March 28 2009 (while this imaginary T2 'treaty with aliens' was being signed) is this whole UFO Disclosure Issue some history-cloaking Soviet Cinema-type representation of the Global Eugenics Holocaust that's on it's way?

You know, rather than some goofy-eyed bald bloke ranting about alien abductions, parallel timelines and intimate J-rod intercourse?

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