Saturday, July 25, 2009

Solaris Blueraven - Rush - MK Ultra

now this is a verrrrrrrrry straaaaaaaaaaaange one, I promise.

Solaris Blueraven a psychic, healer, and author of the book "Transmutation Through Ascension" was on the Now That's Weird radio show last night talking about her invasion via a Signal Intelligence MK Ultra-style two-way control mechanism. She makes strong accusations against Neil Peart (the drummer of Rush) and their security adviser Michael J Mosbach, and mentions the government infiltration of the media and the music industry and radionics (do your homework, children).

According to the Rush forum, it was Neil Peart HIMSELF who first brought 'this nutter' Solaris Blueraven to the public's attention via his website/myspace account. If he'd have kept quiet about it, we'd never have known of this wild, insane, lucid story.

Personally, I really like the way she talks; her story of the mechanical-psychic invasion is very consistent and she seems to have a multi-dimensional way of thinking. You can tell she's regularly 'visualising' extra dimensions, her left-hand movement is a real tell. I also like the way (in the above 2007 video) she's already mentioning use of this intrusion technology by the New World Order - ahead of her time. I mean, YEAH, it sounds totally nuts - and that's what this blog is about; to highlight that which might be THE WAY THE WORLD REALLY IS.


Magpie said...


With respect, the video existed long before Mr. Peart made it "briefly" available on his myspace page, and his reasons for doing so are well documented--the band's security staff wanted fans to know what she looked like so that if she showed up at the Red Rock concert (meaning she was violating a court order) there was a better chance of her being identified and detained. Not only does the woman have mental issues, she apparently ALSO has a gun and a concealed carry permit, so concerns about her being at the show were hardly misplaced.

climbingfish said...

You are all that's ignorant in the world, bless the whistleblowers who risk life and limb showing the industry as it is. When the control system starts to break soon, people will see the truth behind the mass manipulation through the entertainment industry, is laden with witchcraft, and devil worship, even in the most benign posters, celebrities, are selling their soul to satan, giving up their direction and control, so that mass manipulations through music and symbolism, to entrance the population. Its been happening for years because music is vibration, sound resonance, it affects the emotions of us all, its why it can move you deeply, well, secret high level intelligence agencies are working on sonic infiltration, to manipulate the very young, to the very old. The power that controls the world, and its politics and banking, also owns the entertainment industry. i am not religious in any way, i hate it, But whilst some esoteric, super advanced, scientific master sorcerer of energy, is combining out of our hearing ranges subliminal programming. And its not just adverts and the mind that can bee manipulated, emotions can be offset to change feelings of well being to fear, or anger.
And the music industry pool all intelligence's together to help with this great plan to keep grounded the hearts and minds of ignorant men who believe they are free. Its about anchoring you so far into materiality, you drown and die in it, never ever questioning why the world is like it si, why we do the things we do, why there seriously is something inherently backward about humanity, and worst of all why you ever had to question anything. Because your a slave, a slave to ignorance and you will die by that ignorance.
And ignorance is a state of mind so there is no need to die. Im just hearing my heroes of many years Pink floyd, are involved in this too, it makes me sad and sick, but when Dave Gilmour ventures into that reptilian queens house and takes a token gesture, CBE, for his work in "the industry", it makes me sick.

One time many years ago, it was thought mad to believe the world was round, just because a lie gets told a million times dont make it real. And also, it doenstmake what i say real neither, Look at that!! Intellectual humbleness, admitting it could be all wrong.
But, all the same its not what i say is right its saying what i have found that is right to share.
please dont die of ignorance.