Sunday, July 19, 2009

You The People - The Eugenics Agenda - slavery never ended

this is not gonna be a dry essay on the History of the Eugenics Movement first formulated by Sir Francis Galton in 1883. Repeated reference has been made in the alternative media about Georgia Guidestones with their global warming claim to a sustainable five hundred million (this means the death of 9 out of 10 of the six billion people currently on the planet, and soon).

But stop.

What is this planet? A lump of still-cooling magma with a couple-miles-thick crust that supports all the life, air and water breathing. That's it.

Is it?

Well, of course it's not. If we accept that this is how the world is, who owns the right to tax You? More and more every year. Who owns the right to make You buy land upon which to build your homes, your families, your lives? Who owns the oil you put in your car? Who owns the electricity that runs technology? Who owns the air you breathe and the water you drink and the food you eat?

The answer, of course, is NO ONE owns anything on this planet that You The People don't want them to own. It's yours, as a being of this planet, you have as much right to it as some Global Elitist with a ridiculous murderous agenda. The real problem is that some intellectuals had an idea that they can mould You The People in some arbitrary direction like insane potters at the wheel. They think they have the answers to the globe upon which we all live, they think they have to right to impose their laws.

You can stand for that if you want but what's gonna happen? Higher and higher taxes, more and more wars with enemies who don't exist, more and more bioweapons/vaccines used against You The People in the name of eugenics. To what end? You still go along with it, you have your corporate masters like the slave trade had in the 1800's, you degrade yourself in your corporate slavery until (some time in the not too distant future if the Eugenicists get their way) there's only 500,000,000 slaves on this beautiful planet.

There haven't been as few people on the planet since the discover of Brazil by Vicente Yáñez Pinzón. 500,000,000 is just four times as many people who currently live on the islands of Japan and we all know they have chronic health problems dealing with a stunted gene pool. Eugenicists are suicidal idiots who will destroy this wonderful planet and burn all its diversity in the name of Superiority of the Species. The Global Elite are the sorta fools who breed dogs whose faces are so distorted they can't even breathe properly.

The global elite will say anything to keep you in shackles (global warming, war of terror, arms spending justifications aplenty), with the help of their corporate media machine they will keep driving you (mercilessly) through the poverty line until you have nothing more to offer their Slavery agenda. Then you will die. Nothing fundamental, living or truly creative is achieved. You are nothing more than a toady, a lackey, truly dispensible. A grunt. A pawn. A nigger.

We all niggers if we allow our Corporate Masters, the global banking elite, to treat us like scum, like chattles, like dirt. We must ride up from the dirt and effect real change on this planet. The earth is our home, let's clean it up.


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