Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DUNDEE UFOs - worth analysis.

it's a father and son team from Dundee and they've got some amazing footage of UFOs using a Yukon Ranger 42x5 night scope fed into their TV. They've captured gallons of footage, groups of ten that might be a flock of birds. He's got then swirling around in pairs. He's also got some daylight sightings.

To my eyes I'm thinking insects or swallows-swifts; bats, maybe, at night but this guy swears he's focussed for DISTANT objects.

Anyway, here are my two favourites:

1) Crazy zooming around and ninety degree turns:

2) Pair of luminary lovers zipping around each other:

WARNING: his earlier footage is sullied by video effects and over-exposure that makes it look like something it's not.

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Mike said...

I can appreciate bug or insect, but what makes this different is he's using a night vision scope + the perfect lines of movement and right angles and dead stops eliminate this.

Pretty amazing stuff. Clearly a craft ( gov't or not ) of some kind