Saturday, August 01, 2009

UFO Disclosure Project - Steven Greer - Lawrence Rockefeller

Dr. Steven Greer speaks at the Exopolitics Summit, Barcelona, 25 of july 2009. He is the founder of the Disclosure Project, the Orion Project and Cseti.

VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRY interesting part4/7 about "alternative energy and UFO disclosure" my speech marks because I'm not (have never been) really sure what the Disclosure Project is 'actually' revealing ... is this a Russian word game, enigma game? Anyway, you've heard some things about the Rockefellers' (jolly negative) role in the New World Order here but this seems like a very positive piece about Lawrence Rockefeller.

What is Steven Greer and his Project Disclosure buddies really talking about?

Anyway, like I said, keep your minds open - the world is about to get very strange. W.S.F.M. (weird science freakin' magic) right... finally, in part7/7 he gets to the good stuff about THE COVERT GOVERNMENT and their 1) Man-made UFOs, 2) Psychotronic weapon systems and 3) Programmed Life Forms (greys). As Steven Greer summarises before these revelations, "The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off."


Dave said...

Dr Greer is quite right. ALL ETs are friendly and benign. They are here only to help and guide mankind (if we will allow them to do so). The coverup is not only to suppress new energy sources but to preserve US/Western domination of the world.

You can see more info at my site

Mike Philbin said...

Seriously, you site is mere supposition and speculation, you cite no government sources for your theories and there's a TO BE CONTINUED... notice. Is this for when the Maritians, Venusians et al come down to earth to teach us why Nuclear Power is bad?

I allowed your post in good faith that you were a fellow whistleblower and you'd maybe met Greer and could substantiate your, "They're all love and light." (my paraphrase) statement.

Rather disappointing, really.

Personally, I still think we're alone in this part of the Galaxy and any ET or EC that's visiting us are 'ghosts' i.e. using some sort of non-physical 'vehicle' to fuck with our minds. Or we're all being machine-psychic messaged by Gov because that enhnaces their Disclosure agenda.


Dralavant said...

My brother and I have been following Dr. Greer's work for at least 2 years. But what I'm overwhelmingly confused about his involvement with the Rockefeller family. I know very much about the Rockefeller dynasty, and their "Intentions". Which is why this troubles me so much. Dr. Greer seems like a truly wonderful person. I believe he stated that this particular Rockefeller has somehow fallen from grace within the family's interests.

But there's something I find strange here. While researching the Rockefeller family tree and bloodline, I can't find any member of their family who goes by the name Lawrence Rockefeller. I only found someone by the name of Laurance Rockefeller. But that man has died in 2004. This video of Dr. Greer is in 2009, and yet he sounds as if the person he's working with is still alive. It's very confusing indeed.