Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mind Over Matter - John Chang - QiGong master

I really haven't looked into this super-human (and by this I mean from the perspective of our Fluoride-dulled, aspartame-poisoned, vaccine-murdered and MainStreamMedia-bigoted) topic since the days of Arthur C Clarke's 'Mysterious World' when I was a kid, in the north of England. But these clips of a QiGong master, John Chang, from Java in the Lawrence Blair documentary "Ring of Fire - East of Krakatoa" really tweaked my nostalgia ganglion. Yeah, we all wanna be skeptical, we all wanna know 'what was the burning-the-paper trick', we all wanna know about the 'pellet catch', we all wanna prove it's nothing but suggestion and amateur con-man-ship. That is why WE FAIL.

With my growing concern about (corrupt) corporate pollution of the potential of human freedom, this might be the first in a long line of energy re-examination on this blog - great subject.

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