Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Centre for bio-ethical reform - real abortion footage - graphic imagery

Pro-Life-wise, I'm with Bill Hicks. Does that make me Beelzebub? Does that make Bill Hicks N.W.O.?

I think you'll find either argument hard to justify.

The problem with Pro Lifers (for me) is they think MAN IS THE HEIGHT OF EVOLUTION... I mean a) get over yourselves (you're a virus with shoes) and b) that's not what evolution means. Evolution ACTUALLY means, "That which works for a variety of environmental changes don't need to change." (examples are the humble bee, ant and shark ... same for millions of years).

Anyway, get yourself off to THE CENTRE FOR BIO-ETHICAL REFORM and have a look what a REAL ABORTION LOOKS LIKE -- warning, this is VERY GRAPHIC IMAGERY.

As far as I'm concerned, abortion's a tool, used by tools whose ridiculous religious mind-washing won't let them self-abort by leisure-ejaculating into a condom. For me, this is as STUPID as Mormons who won't allow their kids to have a LIFE SAVING blood transfusion?

Stupid humans.

I an not saying I'm in favour of abortion? I am in favour of MORE EDUCATION FOR HUMANS. I mean REAL EDUCATION, not some mumbo-jumbo corporate religion crap. You with me?

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