Monday, November 23, 2009

Chemtrails - Barium - Poisoning or mop up?

it's everywhere (tests at a nearby Air Particulate station in Wytham Woods, Oxford prove it) and my suggestion for the major cause of such poisoning was the static dissipator in commercial and military jet fuel. So what's so wrong with Barium?

Barium's not just an inert heavy metal like mercury or aluminium - which is bad enough - Barium has far more SINISTER roots. Radioactive Barium's a massive GAMMA RAY emitter (nukes emit gamma rays) which it sheds within minutes and reverts to a less excited form. You could gently dust the atmosphere with radioactive Cesium, which would after a time settle down and decompose into radioactive Barium, which would emit gamma radiation, no bang, no blast, no obvious event having taken place. The presence of Barium in the environment GENERALLY points to radioactive Barium somewhere down the line OR radioactive CESIUM.

Pre-HAARP, barium cloud seeding was used to bound electronic signals off the base of clouds and as part of HAARP's patent: It has also been proposed to release large clouds of Barium in the magnetosphere so that photo-ionization will increase the cold plasma density, thereby producing electron precipitation through enhanced whistler-mode interaction.

Shittin' yourselves yet? Well, get this, your body will have taken up radioactive barium and it will cause a lot of cancers and immotility of sperm (remember how the sperm count has dropped in the last 50 years). One way to stop uptake of radioactive Barium might be to saturate the subject with "normal" barium - in the air, in the food or water so that a concentration was reached whereby they couldn't absorb any more of the radioactive material... is this what we're seeing in recent chemtrail surge? This attempt to mop up the radioactive Barium by saturating with normal Barium? Shrugs...

Now, are you ready for the major revelation? The major source of barium pollution in humans is food and water; BREAD contributes a stunning 20%. Though these sources are low yield, Brazil nuts are literally saturated with Barium. Water sources associated with contaminated by the last 50 years of nuclear tests, either ground or wind, are also a contributing factor to dietary Barium.

There was a Letter To The Editor published in NeuroToxicology #29 dealing with "Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis" (a form of motor neurone disease) and here are the relevant sections: Previous studies indicate that Cesium (Cs) and Barium (Ba) are neurotoxins capable of causing skeletal muscle paralysis. In utero, (this patient) lived downwind from the first atomic bomb test in 1945. As a child, she lived on military bases where Barium is sprayed over flight paths and found in jet (???PROOF???) fuel. Measuring Cesium and Barium in the ALS population may reveal this correlation among other patients and provide important insights into new treatment options.

So, you have a triple-hit of Barium for silent population control: in the food you eat, in the jet fuel and as a result of 'clever' scientists nuclear tests. There's clearly a PLOT to kill off the majority of humanity by seeding the environment with Barium.

Your scientists have already made you sterile and mutated. Your biochemists are trying to genocide the vast majority of you. Your governments encourage the troops to use DEPLETED URANIUM munitions against countries they invade - where do you think this radiation goes (into your bodies, fools)? How can you support this continued CRETINISATION of your future mind and body?

Stand up, mankind.
Make a difference, people.
Face facts, here are some relevant links for your global awakening.

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