Friday, November 06, 2009

Oxford: Chinese Lantern or UFO?

Last night (Guy Fawkes night, at about 7PM) from my living-room window up on the hill I witnessed a very nice 'visual phenomenon'; a very bright, very YELLOW light passing over the 'Botley valley' from west to east (I need to check the wind direction and wind strength for last night) heading towards Oxford.

Now this might well have been one of those Chinse Lanterns. I totally understand this. What surprised me about it was the speed of this thing. It flew along at a steady altitude before rising slightly as it passed over Oxford.

It wasn't floating like a balloon, it was moving really fast.

Anyway, speaking of 'moving really fast', we should not forget that there's a global false flag bioweapons cyberattack agenda in action RIGHT NOW and here's the latest news outlet to make mention of it is TRUTH FREQUENCY radio. In their first show, they allow researcher "Anti Illuminati" to layout the detailed plans of the military-industrial complex to fuck you up the ass(!) Seriously. If you don't get that yet, it really is getting late in the day. Come on, wake up already.

Click this link to listen to Chris & Sheree of Truth Frequency interview special guest Anti-Illuminati.

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arbraun said...

Wow. When I was younger, in Peoria Heights, a kid came running out of the woodland saying "There's something in the woods," and then we heard a spaceship take off. My brother and I even saw a yellow, glowing guy and followed him out of the park to a busy city street, where he got into a car with a bunch of partyers. I believe in what you saw.