Saturday, January 02, 2010

the chimera of capitalism - the real grand illusion - two billion sheeple

come on, guys, isn't it obvious?


call each of these dogmas what you will, isn't it obvious that there's some sort of mathematical limit BUILT INTO factionism and this is the sole reason for all the so-called Corporate Wars. For years I thought it was WARS FOR PROFIT but it's not because too many human lives are involved. Every war we've seen for some specific political reason has just been a cover for the real reason.

It's like they say, "You can only really have no more than 200 real friends."

Take a look at this picture [source TIMELINES] of Global Human Population for the last 2,000 years and what do you see?

Just before World War One, the FEDERAL RESERVE was created. Their official role? To manage and finance world trade. Their unofficial role? To ensure that the GLOBAL HUMAN POPULATION was to be kept below ... oh, why would I say such a silly thing? Well, let's have a look at the TimeLines chart for the year 1900.


I mean, look at all the thousands of dollar (and ruble) billionaires there are today on planet Earth. And none of them get it. It just can not be sustained. It's (fiat)made up money. It has no value. No rhyme or reason. It's junk. Folly. Dreamworld. Chimera.

I predict that some time this week, the first week of January 2010 ALL GLOBAL STOCK MARKETS and ALL GLOBAL CURRENCY MARKETS will fail. Then we can get on with living on our FREE PLANET.

Thank you and good night. Enjoy the first week of your liberty.

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